Don Millar

wo 18 sep 2019 19:20 tot 20:42  |  Cinema zaal 1

Fernando Botero’s work crosses cultural boundaries and his appeal transcends the traditional art world.

As this film moved from concept to completion in three years, more than 4.7 million people have enjoyed his work at exhibitions in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

He is renowned as the only artist to ever have has his sculptures appear on boulevards and in plazas in 20 major global cities; Botero is the living artist with the most museum exhibitions and his works routinely sell for seven figures around the world.

Botero takes a poetic approach to provide a behind-the-scenes chronicle of the life and art this intensely private painter and sculptor. Viewers will be inspired to see Botero’s commitment to a unique artistic vision power his rise from provincial Colombia to become “the Maestro,” still active in his studio at 86 years old. The film was shot in 10 cities in China, Colombia, France, Italy, Monaco and the United States.

director: Don Millar / documentary / Canada, Colombia 2018, 82 min. / English spoken / English subtitled

special: Cracking the frame, Woensdagdocu