How to buy tickets?

General terms and conditions for visitors
The Chassé Theatre applies the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors applied by the VSCD (the Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert Halls). These terms and conditions are available free of charge from the box office or visit The Chassé Theatre makes a number of concessions and/or exceptions.

Prices are subject to change. Please consult the website for the current prices.

All-in theatre prices
The sales price that is listed includes theatre service, which includes booking costs, cloakroom, and your e-ticket.

Postage costs
There is no extra charge if you opt for an e-ticket (electronic ticket). If you would prefer to receive your tickets by post, € 3 will be charged per booking.

Only buy from a reputable ticket broker
Please be aware that when you purchase tickets from third parties - in other words not from the theatre or another recognised sales office - you are at risk, as outlined in Article 3.0 of the General Terms & Conditions. Visit for more information.

Returning or exchanging tickets
You can return or exchange a maximum of 4 tickets up to one week before the show commences. You can choose another show or receive a voucher that is valid for one year. € 2.70 administration costs will be charged for each ticket exchanged.

Tickets for shows running for several days can be exchanged up to one week before the show free of charge. Please contact the box office.

Cancellation policy
The cancellation policy is available for € 1 per ticket, which means that your tickets will be refunded in the event being unable to attend due to serious illness, accident, emergency, medical procedure, death and/or serious property damage. Please visit for the terms and conditions.

Wheelchair users
With the exception of the balconies in the Jupilerzaal and the Koninklijke drukkerij Em. de Jongzaal, all theatres can be accessed by wheelchair. Special wheelchair places are available right next to the other seats. Inform the box office of this when booking your ticket(s), so that they can take this into account for the seating arrangements. Please use the presale order form. Wheelchair places can also be booked by telephone. The Koninklijke drukkerij Em. de Jongzaal can only accommodate wheelchairs and not mobility scooters. Wheelchairs can be loaned from the theatre. 

All necessary information on how to reach our theatre by car, bicycle or public transport is provided with your ticket. You can also visit

The Chassé Theater is completely pin-only. 


You can grant the Chassé Theatre one-off authorisation to deduct the total amount owed via a direct debit by telephone or using an order form. Payments can be made online using iDEAL, credit card and the Podium gift card.

Payment in instalments
If you prefer, you can use your Chassé Theatre discount privilege (p. 19) to pay in three instalments (when the tickets are sent, on 31 October and 31 January). The first instalment will be subject to a surcharge of € 10 administration costs. 

Gift vouchers
When making a booking online, the Podium Gift Card  outstanding Chassé credit can be redeemed up to a maximum of the purchase amount of your booking. 

Discounts cannot be used in combination. You may be asked to show your youth, Chassé Cinema or ID card when your ticket(s) is checked before entering the theatre. Discounts are calculated on the basic purchase price for the performance. No discount can be given on the theatre service charge.

Prices for children
A special price for children applies to some performances; this is for children aged between 0 and 12.

Youth passes
The Culture Card, the CJP and a student pass entitle the holder to 50% discount on all theatre performances in the Culture Freak programme and a 50% last-minute discount on other theatre performances on the day of the show. The admission price for film matinees from Monday to Friday is € 6 (usually € 8, € 1 surcharge for long films). A € 1 discount applies to all other films, except on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Chassé Cinema pass 
This person-specific pass costs € 7.50 per annum and offers a € 1.50 discount on the usual film prices (excl. films with a premiere discount) in Chassé Cinema. A higher discount may apply for various specials.

If the performance has already started, latecomers or guests who leave the theatre during the performance will be no longer admitted to the theatre. The show can be watched on a monitor in the foyer. If there is an intermission, these people can then take their seats. Tickets are non-refundable.

Photo, video, mobile phone
Photographs may not be taken and audio and/or visual recordings may not be made in the theatres. To avoid disturbing others, please turn off your mobile phone.

The Chassé Theatre has an attended and unattended cloakroom.

Impaired hearing
All theatres are equipped with an auxiliary system for people with hearing difficulties, with or without hearing aids. This system amplifies the sound throughout the theatre, making it clearer and more audible. To use this system, an induction loop can be borrowed to be used with a hearing aid (equipped with an induction loop or T mode) free of charge. If you do not have a hearing aid, a stethoset can be loaned free of charge. Both can be collected from the service desk before the show.

If your hearing aid works with Bluetooth, we can easily connect your streamer to the system. This service is also available through the service desk. This service has also proven useful for people who have difficulty understanding spoken words.

Opera glasses
‘Option’ opera glasses are available on loan from the service desk free of charge.