Internationals Cinema: No Bears

Jafar Panahi
zo 26 feb 2023 - 19:00 tot 20:50
Cinema II
zo 26 feb 2023
19:00 tot 20:50

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No Bears is a parallel love story in which two couples deal with the social power structure they find themselves in. At the same time, director Jafar Panahi unintentionally gets involved in a political row in the village.

When Panahi is asked to share a photo of a couple in a forbidden relationship, a riot ensues in the village. The drama escalates and it soon becomes clear how seemingly innocent artistic choices can have extreme consequences. Faced with many challenges, Panahi reflects on the inability to leave his homeland of Iran. Although it seems as simple as stepping over an invisible border in the middle of the night, somewhere on a deserted hill.

Internationals Cinema: No Bears
Jafar Panahi
107 min
zo 26 feb 2023
Persian spoken
English subs